Sam Carner & Derek Gregor

Have you ever had a moment where something happens that you can't actually believe really happened?  Well I have.

Whenever I do my cabaret, I upload a link of my performance to YouTube. I then take that link and send it to the composer/lyricist who wrote the song.  Since I do mostly very contemporary musical theater, I will often get very grateful responses from the writing teams.  I strongly believe we are all in this together. They are grateful that I am singing their music and sharing it with the world and I am grateful to be singing their brilliant songs.  Win/win.

Moving forward, in March 2017 one of those writing teams contacted me to let me know they were coming to Vancouver and would like to meet. That writing team was Sam Carner and Derek Gregor.  In a very very short time we planned Sam and Derek's visit, put together a cast of 11 including myself to do a concert of their music, had a few days in the recording studio, and made plans for their return later this year.  It all happened so fast but I made sure to savour every single moment.  It was an experience I will never forget and I look so forward to working with them again and again in the future.  Thank you Sam and Derek!!


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